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CFLA Affiliate Services

CFLA Affiliate Services pays you directly for all referrals on cutting edge training classes, Bloomberg Securitization Audits, and Litigation packages:

As a CFLA Affiliate Marketing Agent you get to capitalize off the excellent professional business reputation of CFLA,

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Through the CFLA Affiliate Program all affiliates with signed Wholesale Agreement get a CLIENT AFFILIATE Account.

When you refer or send someone through the website www.cfla.com, they purchase direct through the website, and sign the Retail Services Agreement.

When signing have the client input their CLIENT CODE into the Box Entitled [REFERRAL SOURCE/ ACCOUNT MANAGER / AFFILIATE] and once received your have earned $$$$.

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Affiliates will be paid out on the first day of each month, at the following rate:

  • $200.00 for Bloomberg Securitization Audit which costs - $995.00
  • $300.00 for Bloomberg Securitization Audit & Quiet Title Package which costs - $1,495.00

All AFFILIATES must execute a W9 form and will receive a 1099MISC form for all earnings at the end of the calendar/tax year.

CFLA's founding vision was for Attorneys and Legal Professionals to utilize cutting-edge trade secrets and for industry professionals to assist them in the training, research, and work product development necessary to litigate on behalf of their homeowner clients. CFLA brought together some of the best minds in the legal and technological fields to make this vision a reality. The result is CFLA—the leading, nationally recognized legal brand for law firms, attorneys, and small business across the United States.

From its inception, our mission has been to set new standards for convenience and service in an industry not typically known for great customer care. For us, the goal is not simply to provide a intelligent, cost-effective alternative—it’s to ensure everyone gets the legal protection they need.

We have rapidly become the premier online legal destination for small businesses and consumers. As the company continues to grow, we’re careful to hold true to our original vision. For CFLA, putting the law within reach of millions of people is more than just a novel idea—it’s our founding principle.


Directions for Processing Affiliate Services Clients

All you need to do is point them to the services page for an explanation of services offered.

And when they are ready to purchase the Bloomberg Audit and/or Quiet Title Package, please refer them to the Retail Services Agreement page.

Have the Client Put YOUR CLIENT NAME [i.e. Don Johnson] into the submission tab so you can get the credit for the referral. The Retail Services Agreement also contains all the submission information to (1) process the file, and (2) process the payment, in addition to requiring them to adhere to the terms of the agreement, giving you the highest level of protection!

Fill out a W9 TAX FORM and your payments will be mailed out every month!

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