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Testimonials from CFLA's recent mortgage securitization loan auditors. Loan audits, securitization audits, mortgage audits, and bloomberg securitization audits are covered in our Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training classes.

"05/10/2018 — To begin, I bought your securitization audit after I had lost in state court in a foreclosure-10/27/14. Thinking there was no hope I found Certified Forensic and decided to try a securitization audit in order to have evidence of fraud in a filing with the Federal Court in New Jersey. I ended up in discovery in Federal Court. As you may remember part of discovery was a deposition taken by Chase of Michael Carrigan. I filed before Final Judgment in Federal Court on 04/10/15 with a securitization audit from Certified as evidence of fraud.To my surprise after a ruling for Chase in a summary judgement on 10/27/2014 -and going on four years later- on February 1, 2018 Chase unilaterally dismissed my state foreclosure case without any notice or discussions. I used most of the legal package from Certified. I did have people with some experience I could discuss the case with, and I had an expert witness which is also very helpful. William Paatalo is one of my expert witnesses. Bill knows the game well and he has testified around the country against the banks. It could only have happened because of the discovery in Federal Court which provided me with more evidence of fraud. This evidence could only have been gotten from discovery. And therefore the securitization audit was critical to my success in getting into discovery in Federal Court. Although I must caution there were others with the securitization audits that were not so successful so a securitization audit does not guarantee anything but in my opinion it puts you in the race. You need good legal advice and lots of reading and research with a lot of luck. I do think the odds are improving today as people are educating themselves. There are success stories. Its a long road home but the odds are getting better in my opinion. This may qualify me as a qualified success story for your firm since the state court dismissal could only have happened if I had not filed in Federal Court which brought me to discovery. Discovery gave me the evidence of fraud that I turned around and used in a Motion to Dismiss for Certification fraud in state court. The battle rages on. And there are more defeats than wins but there is hope. Many people have no idea that even after all these years there are options open to them. Chase tried to claim statue of limitation but there is no statue of limitation if you find fraud."
James Farah

"This is a testimonial to Jim and the CFLA team. CFLA and the audit once again proved to be worth far more than it's weight in gold. I was able to negotiate a (an impossible) short sale with SPS and settle with three subordinate lenders (only one of which was TARP). The deal recently closed and I remain undefeated. Much appreciation and thanks to to Jim Salvagio, Melanie Paree and the CFLA team. Further thanks for awesome support, customer service and always going above and beyond the call of duty!" Sincerely and Very Best Regards:
Jeff Burch

"My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you've done submitting the loan modification to ocwen on our behalf, we have been wrestling with them for so long and we were getting nowhere and in fear of losing our home. After you suggested I called them to find out what the status of our loan modification was, they told us over the phone that we were eligible for a Sam [Shared Appreciation Modification) they reduced our principle from $736,579.75 to $513,950.00 our interest rate went from 4.25% to 2.00% our monthly mortgage payment went from $3467.83 interest only to $2354.82 principle interest taxes and insurance included, our interest only loan was changed to a 22-year conventional fixed rate loan at 2.00%. This is good news, we could not be more grateful for the work you put into the modification. In addition; the difference between the original principle including penalties and interest and the new principal balance of $513,950 was $476,732.99 which they agreed to waive off 1/3 of that amount each year for three years as long as I remain current on my payments, at the end of that time the debt would not exist. They also told me that notification had gone out to their attorneys to stop the foreclosure proceedings, which was pending a sale date as you know. My wife and l are still in shock we wanted to see everything in writing and they told me over the phone tracking indicated that the package had been delivered to my address and it was already in the mailbox. I'm sending you copies of everything for you to look over. This was a great deal you got us, Steven, there's more I can't put in writing. Well done. This is a big step for us to be able to stay in our home."
Anthony and Karen Boone

"I just wanted to thank you for the great job on the affidavit that you wrote with our Bloomberg Audit. We had a sale date today 10-22-13 and yesterday our attorney presented a complaint with the affidavit referenced to the judge to do an injunction and he read it for only a few minutes and stopped the sale. We are proceeding to a hearing at a future date. We are in Wyoming and I don't believe they have ever seen anything like this against the banks. We have friends who now want a securitization audit and I am going to talk them into a Bloomberg audit. Thank you again."
Susan Cacho

"Hello, you did a securitization audit for me in 2014. Guess what? Chase agreed to settle for 11k, which was only PART of the property tax owed. The bankruptcy court approved the settlement agreement so It is a done deal. Once I submitted your audit, in my amended objection to their proof of claim, they started talking about a settlement. Anyway, I am interested in taking your three day course at a future date. Thanks again."
David Schaar

"Thank you for the support over the years. We just beat the bank in court to save house and prevent eviction. Their case was denied."
Jeff Castillo

"Super Certified Forensic Loan Auditor Super Heroes: Check out the Mortgage Loan Agreement Lien Release which we received this morning from the Bristol County Registry of Deeds, Taunton, MA, all because of your great cutting edge technology forensic work. Check out these documents including the Taunton Deeds pdf." A very Appreciative & LOYAL CUSTOMER:
Ron Adams

"If you are interested in knowing what is happening to your mortgage or in helping others, this is a course that will insure you know what you are talking about before and after viewing documents."
William K.

"I loved the knowledge I acquired and recommend the course to everyone. The more "we the people" get knowledge the better our odds of beating the banks at their game!"
Dawn D.

Outstanding! Excellent! Demanding! Well organized! Intense! Phenomenal!
Priscilla B.

"Thank you! Andrew, Michael, & Marie. This CFLA Training has been a valuable experience."
Erica W.

"This was a great class and eye opening, especially if your in the foreclosure defense, to defend your clients rights best way possible. Looking forward to take next level course."
Kelvin L.

"If your looking for securitization training you won't find any better."
Michael S.

"I recommend every homeowner attend to reveal the workings of their loan documents, to understand what and why it happened. Knowledge is Power."
Nannette J.

"This would be great for anyone that wants empowerment through knowledge. Enlightenment is key to a peaceful, rich existence. Help yourself help others. For me, a new me and a new world awaits. I have a seed of knowledge to nurture—now I can be the me I want to be—for me and for you."
Yvette S.

"Invaluable information. Another tool to be added to my arsenal for foreclosure defense!! We must educate the masses!!"
Pamela G.

"Excellent opportunity to learn and very important subject in our current financial situration. A great opportunity to help people out of the foreclosure crisis mediating between the homeowner and lenders."
MSA Trainee

"Every student will learn useful information on chain of title and bank violation of TILA, RICO, etc."
Sharon G.

"This course will help me and my real estate title company grow to great heights."
Adrian J.

"It is a life-changing experience—both in knowledge and spirit."
Guido G.

"A truly great experience, lots of fun. I look forward to taking future classes with CFLA and Michael as my teacher. Great man of God! Really cares about your success. Thank you and God bless."
Cynthia S.

"An excellent class to help me to know what questions to ask and how to best use the information to provide excellent customer service and more informed advice for my clients as they protect themselves in purchasing real estate. Want to take Ambassador training as soon as possible."
Beverly O.

"Any attorney that practices foreclosure litigation should attend this seminar even if s/he is not going to prepare, the lawyer needs to understand the concept"
Valmiro D.

"If you thought you knew all the tricks in researching, you haven't met Lori. Her in-depth knowledge of auditing and searching enhances her instruction of maneuvering the Bloomberg program. Totally worthwhile and enjoyable as well."
Jeanni S.

"I know that very few indeed are preparing these audits. This is awesome. Thank you."
Wayne M.

"Take this class! Fighting mortgage fraud without this information is like flying blind in the mountains."
Melanie S.

"This is a great class. I've obtained what I needed. This is a class every homeowner should enlist in. The information is priceless. Great, great class."
Heidi A.

"Lori is a great instructor. I highly recommend her course."
Michael F.

"I learned a tremendous amount of information. Excellent! Very good, intensive and interactive."
Lory G.

"If you open your mind and listen, they will lead you to the promised land. Very educational and will enhance my business forever."
Corey D.

"This class will change the direction of your life as a professional. It offers a gateway into the world of securitization and inherently valuable navigation tools to uncover the lack of integrity being performed in secondary investor trusts. This class is for anyone, but highly benefits professionals of foreclosure proceedings. I will be at the Bloomberg Level III class to enhance what I have learned here to make the audits I perform rock solid. Thank you CFLA! Thank you Art, Liz, Billy and Tim for all your time and assistance!"
Michal V.

"If you are serious about this business, this is the place to go."
Han S.

"I felt confident that I could audit and report on loans well enough to give borrowers the knowledge and tools to have tractions in their litigation and/or loan modifications."
Melanie S.

"I would highly recommend; with the evolution of the law in this area. It is highly important to get continued updates and to be part of a group to bounce ideas with for the good of the whole process."
Ken R.

"CFLA is one of the only business entities offering a one-stop shop where an attorney can get education, pleadings, research and practice support in the field of foreclosure defense. The attorney networking opportunities provided by CFLA are very valuable."
Charles C.

"Class was very informative; instructors were great! Information is greatly needed if you are facing foreclosure. CFLA was opened the doors for litigating these cases."
Rhonda A.

"Patricia is very knowledgeable and experienced. A must class for someone working on helping homeowners stay in their home."
Hermie B.

"Looking forward to taking the Level 3 Securitization Mortgage Auditing Class."
Naazim H.

"The course was well presented and the instructors were very knowledgeable about subject matters."
Leonard N.

"This course should be taken by any persons interested in developing and investigative tool to research the mortgage securitization process. Although this is the first stage of training for mortgage securitization auditing, it forms an excellent basis further advance training. The training helps develop a cadre of foreclosure defense fighters!"
Musa F.

"I enjoyed the class. Information and reports were well presented."
Edgardo S.

"I came in not having much knowledge on the mortgage loan industry and the easy things were taught and explained allowed me to grasp the concept very easily."
Keysha R.

"Recommend to learn behind the scene with lenders wrong doing."
Lina P.

"The webinar was quite informative and useful information was generously exchanged. Appreciate all the efforts and diligence."
Chandra A.

"SEC and Edgar search engines are old school. I found a lost mortgage in 2 minutes on Bloomberg after searching the SEC site for months."
James K.

"Good Class. Would recommend it to anyone involved in banking, real estate, finance or real estate litigation."
Dr. Kenneth L.

"The class was extremely informational. The instructors were exceptional. I will use this information in all my reports, which in turn will help my clients."
Rhonda A.

"If you are interested in helping people, this Bloomberg Class will enable you to do that!"
Mary S.

"There is nothing else that can level the playing field."
Cyndee E.

"All the presenters are very passionate about what they do. The goal of equipping others to extend a helping hand to their own communities was more than admirable. What an awesome group!"
Regina M.

"I recommend it very much."
Marco R.

"Everyone in life has a mission and a purpose. It’s a matter of actually finding out what your purpose is. This class was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I can now do what so many have attempted and failed. Help every and anyone who has the motivation to help themselves to be not only successful in my own mission, but also be able to help others accomplish theirs."
Cecelia M.

"Fab learning experience. Well worth the training."
Pamela S.

"This course covers the current mortgage crisis fairly and provides a practical approach to assisting clients in challenging the standing of pretender lenders to foreclose."
Les H.

"This class is a need for anyone who is serious about helping attorneys in foreclosure defense."
Jesse S.

"Art and Liz are excellent instructors. They have patience, knowledge, wit and they are funny!!! Keep you engaged! I am so happy they were the trainers."
Antoinette C.

"Excellent Course, you will be trained to execute a detailed SAR!"
Anthony G.

"Excellent Information that I wish more borrowers with troubled loans had. I am looking forward to helping homeowners and attorneys understand their circumstances and educate them about potential actions to help them."
Marie S.

"This course was extremely beneficial and informative. Both Art & Liz were instrumental in furthering my understanding of Securitization and performing the audits effectively. Additionally, Attorney Stone was the icing on the cake in that being a profession (tenured) that shared his professional expertise and validation of CFLA audits of Securitization of Mortgage loans. Having attended the training, all doubts, concerns, and inquires have been resolved."
Brent R.

"Very useful knowledge to help homeowners discover new options."
Fuqual B.

"This course gives you the tools to help a lot of people with their mortgages whether they are having problems or to educate homeowners."
Mark B.

"Awesome course and information was GREAT!"
Justin F.

"Buckle your seats belts, you’re in for a real treat! Your in for the greatest information of the Information Age!!"
Kymosh M.

"This was an outstanding training. If you want to learn Securitization and become and auditor, this is the class for you!"
Craig B.

"Everyone on the Real Estate industry should take this course as a starting point for any future transaction. They will have better understanding on how or what to advise and educate their clients and all our community can have this tool (powerful) to protect their homes or properties!"
Ozzy M.

"A must class for everyone that wants to help homeowners stay in their home. I learn so much information that I won’t get from somewhere else. Art & Liz were very helpful and personable and willing to take time and show you where to go when you get behind in the class."
Hercules B.

"If you are serious about working in the profession of modifications, law, mediation and helping homeowners, this is valuable."
Mark B

"Auditing provides an alternative to loan modifications and provides a level of strength for homeowners and lawyers to negotiate with.  Finally, there is a class out there that teaches the tools to fight this against these financial institutions in this terrible mortgage crisis." 
Angela W.

"I came in to this class wanting to do professional, competent, and comprehensive forensic loan audits and that is exactly what this class has done for me!   As a mortgage professional looking to sustain myself in this career field, I have found that this class has opened up a wealth of opportunities for me and was easily worth the time and money." 
Mark M.

"The knowledge and experience of the teachers and attorneys prepared me to complete a loan audit with confidence I would recommend this class to anyone." 
Wayne G.

"I want to sincerely thank you for selecting Marla to do the training, there were several different types of personalities in the room and Marla was able to keep everyone interested and focused.

Her upbeat personality along with her true concern that everyone reached a level of understanding about the material truly impressed me.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and I couldn't wait to get home and start working. The knowledge I obtained from your class has been life changing. I have been in the banking/mortgage industry for 20 years and this is the first time I have been excited about my career in a very long time. Marla's passion and thorough understanding of what she was teaching was very evident.

Marla has motivated me and inspired me and I can't thank you enough for putting her in front of the room"
Deona N.

"Highly recommend this for those who truly and sincerely want to help people save their homes especially during these hard economic times. Foreclosures are at an all time high and the fraud is unbelievable. Forensic Audits (certified) are the basis of litigating a fraudulent loan and this needs to be exposed now, Homeowners have a greater chance of saving their homes thru zeroing out their loan debt and/or negotiating their existing loan(s). A big plus but many are not aware. Mahalo for opening this opportunity so we can help the homeowners save their homes"
Mark A.

"Best student would have experience in area of mortgages, foreclosure defense, auditing and/or legal field regarding foreclosure defense. Provides an excellent platform upon which to develop dynamic and effective defenses, to turn the tables of lenders and /or their legal counsel regarding consumer mortgage defense. Instructors are enthusiastic and highly competent and informed with excellent teaching skills"
Linda R.

"The instructor Marla is a superstar!!!" 
Robin W.

"If anyone wants to become a Forensic Loan Auditor or is already, this course is a must!!! You will not just do the audits, you will understand and be able to truly help
your clients."
Linda Z.

"This is a must have instruction for in depth understanding of the process. The knowledge gives confidence which can be translated into doing the audits more efficiently and quicker, while at the same time far more accurate and detailed."
Marla B.

"I thought it was great, I learned more than expected."
Brandon B.

"This certification carries much clout and will put us in a league of our own against other Forensic Loan Auditors."
Pat B.

"The trainers have great insight & valuable experience.  Their professionalism and work ethic are amazing.  They truly want their students to succeed and do well." 
Jennifer G.

"Incredibility comprehensive and well worth the investment." "The trainer is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I've met in 15 years of lending."   
Shelton P.

"My expectations were exceeded.  I have been a Real Estate professional since 1993 and have simply followed guidelines established.  This course has opened my eyes to all the reasons of 'why'." 
Michael B.

"I would recommend this course to everyone interest in the mortgage or related business.  This certainly will open a  person's eye as to how to do a business and be successful." 
Geoff G.

"Very detail oriented training and professional experience, I learned more than expected." 
Diane R.

"GREAT!!! A must for all Mortgage Professionals!!  A++++." 

"The instructors were A++++.  Thank you CFLA!!!!  This class was worth every penny!"

"Very well organized, structured, clear and concise.  I highly recommend this course!" 
Sally F.

"It was a rewarding class! Also very challenging to audit the loans during the class. I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to work for me!"
Bobby L.

"Very enthusiastic trainer… loved the fact that she is so knowledgeable! Very patient with questions from students!" 
Mary C.

"Great class to further expand your knowledge of Foreclosure Defense and Forensic Loan auditing!" 
Joseph C.

"Excellent training, all materials were covered in depth and provided a full understanding of the applicable regulations and laws. Marla is a thorough and extremely patient instructor." 
Jeff G.

"Great class! This was an extremely informative and the knowledge received can be put to use in the real world!" 
Kevin M.

"If you have but one thing you do to further your education, make it this course. This is something that can be utilized in almost every real estate situation that exist today. What you can do with the information you learn will change lives."
Carlos P.

"This course is a must have/do if you have a real estate background."
Diane J.

"Learned more than expected!"
Elyssa R.

"I recommend the "Certified Forensic Loan Auditors" course to any professional in today’s Mortgage-Banking and Legal litigation firm. These professionals would enhance their business."
Ernest G.

"This is the perfect course if you have some Mortgage knowledge and want to help clients."
Kellar C.

"Great class! Very informative. Marla really cares about the student’s success. Fast paced class but it’s worth it."
Jean G.

"Great course for understanding mortgages and securitization after origination. AKA the secondary market BLACK HOLE."
James K.

"Excellent instructors! They have in depth and practical knowledge of securitization audits."
Kyra K.

"Learning how to navigate through the securitization site and understanding the legal process of securitization makes this course extremely valuable."
Edward R.

"I appreciated the form and structure of the class. It lends some solid material for people to learn about the securitization process. Great instructors!"
Stephanie H.

"This is a great course! I can't wait to start helping others and my community."
Melissa W.

"I would recommend anyone that is on a quest to weaken the banks in their games of lies and deceit to do almost whatever it takes to take this course."
Nkosi G.

"The instructors have great knowledge and experience in mortgage securitization audits. They are excellent instructors and impart the ability for the homeowner and attorneys solve the mortgage now!"
Charles C.

"Classmates were open and eager to learn. Environment promoted real learning and interactive participation."
Valeria T.

"This course has helped me broaden client's loan analysis. I recommend this course to anyone in the real estate litigation business for serious consideration."
Ernest G.

"Thanks for the update. Enjoyed the webinar, Art is the greatest at explaining this, he is a real asset to the company. Loved to be in more of his classes."
Ellen R.

"I loved having the webinar, however, I was lucky about the time because I had those hours off, which is usually not the case. It would be great if it could be recorded to listen to at our availability. I missed a few statements here and there, which I would like to relisten to."
Warren G.

"Thank you for this follow up training, I found it very helpful and informative, Liz and Art are great!"
Rhonda A.

"Very useful resource to assist in several mortgage areas."
Charlie G.

"My name is Craig Nester and my wife, Deona Nester, and Attorney Kody Holker graduated from your training in 2010...Thank you. It changed our world and about 96 families so far. My wife loves your girl who does the training and they email from time to time...The quality of work has stood up in court to the point where she is getting some entry level expert work from law firms...Bringing in a decision maker from the lender to the table to have a common sense conversation about a loan mod is a no-brainer. My wife has taken your training injected it with steroids and then poured gasoline on top...It is amazing quality and we have you to thank. Other than being a raving fan if you need anything from us or we could help you please let us know. My wife would be willing to fly out and help your trainer at any time at our expense...She really feels indebted to her..."

God Bless you and your business,

"Anyone that wants to get a good understanding to apply securitization auditing should strongly consider CFLA."
Sean P.

"The class was very informative. I feel pretty comfortable doing a forensic report. I thought I could have never done it because I'm just a housewife with no real estate experience, but the instructors were very caring and helpful and the material was explained in simple terms. Big thanks!"
Mayra M.

"Very informative. Found all class material to be useful. Enjoyed learning."
Shannen J.

"The class will give you the education as a great tool to be proficient in the Forensic Auditing process. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is committed to making a difference and helping the homeowner."
Deborah M.

"You have no idea what your course means to me and how it will change my practice. Blessings to your company."
Sharon D.

"This class is very motivating to get started. There are knowledgeable people to help you along the way. The instructors are good for staying on task. Love all the samples and templates from the class—that is great to help us out with our cases. Definitely recommend."
Anton A.

"All instructors and attorneys are very friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. Tons of work."
Mark F.

"Be ready to focus and take good notes. The material and information is new and innovative. Therefore, it will be challenging. Ask questions and network!"
Christian G.

"Great class to arm yourself with inside knowledge only the banks have had for years. It will teach you how to present yourself when you go to court against your lender."
Marie B.

"This course provided practical knowledge to use in the real world. The instructors were very nice and knowledgeable with expansive experience in actual cases. I highly recommend this course for/to anyone interested in saving their own home, or to gain the knowledge necessary to do so. These tools could shape the entire mortgage industry for years to come!"
Tony R.

"The instructors are FANTASTIC and want you to learn!"
William Y.

"The course is a wake-up call for the masses subjected to the fraudulent attack by the banks."
Chandra A.

"Come open minded ask questions talk to the instructors. The more you listen the more you learn. Thank you Art and Liz for a wonderful experience."
Jennifer C.

"The Securitization Certification Course is a power course for those of us charting un-charted territory."
Bobby L.

"If your goal is to produce analysis reports that are high quality you need to make it to one of the CFLA training sessions."
Craig P.

"This class is something that everyone in the mortgage profession, needs to take.’’
Jose G.

"Learn as much as you can. Think outside the box and be analytical. Learning this will allow you to be helpful to the community as well as society. Enjoy the fact that we are here to help. If I can help just one person to stay in their home I have done society a world of good’’
Lakeisha B.

"This was an amazing seminar that gave me the knowledge to help Homeowner’s to fight for their Right’s against greedy banker’s and mortgage companies."
Saul G.

"Had a great time with the class and instructor’s, class was informative and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Mortgage Securitization.’’
Ellen R.

"As a forensic audit business owner looking to expand my product line, this course is invaluable, I believe that by adding securitization as a product/service, my profits may more than double and I will be better able to serve my clients."
Elyssa R.

"I really enjoy the class. I met a lot of professionals and made strong connections. I feel fortunate to come across this class, from my classmate. I would recommend this class to anyone moving forward."
Wook C.

"If you want to learn the audit the mortgage securitization process, then this is the course for you!"
Timothy O.

"This course was the missing link in putting together all the knowledge I’ve already been accumulating, but was not able to assimilate into a prosecutable document for submission which an attorney can use in litigation. Thanks!"
Warren G.

"Excellent information! The tracking of assignments, very thorough. Instructors’ knowledge of these securitization processes are very strong. CFLA’s commitment is very strong to students and to excellence."
Carl W.

"This is a course that every American citizen can use to fight back against Wall Street and the banks to keep or receive compensation for the mortgage fraud committed on 85% of loan originated between 2001-2008. Liz and Art are a God send!"
Brandon C.

"Although I have prior experience of 20 years of Mortgage Banking and Real Estate, this class has given me a comprehensive edge over the average attorney and ultimate foreclosure defense! Thank you for taking me to the top."
Kartika K.

"This program allows you to stop the banks in their tracks. Now, there is hope for homeowners to save their homes from forclosure."
Mark W.

"Thank you. I appreciate your passion to do righteousness and justice and the pursuit of truth! Keep up the good work."
William I.

"Pertinent and helpful information at a critical time."
Deborah L.

"I would highly recommend this course to others who are in the real estate legal industry who are willing to help homeowners."
Wilma M.

"Very good informational course on learning how to create a Securitization Audit Report."
Ed C.

"This is an awesome training! I would recommend t anyone who wants to learn and make good use of it. Thank you so much for the education."
Mary B.

"Personally, the course is an enhancement because I’m already particular with about 95% of it. Although, I notice there are beginners in the class and I highly recommend the course and its instructors combined because I saw and noticed how these beginners were able to comprehend and able to finish their homework and finals on the 3rd day. The other 25% of the course was my "core" information to enhance my knowledge and the course & instructors made me achieve what I expected to learn. Thanks!"
Eddie P.


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