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August 2017 Article Archive

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Challenge Blanket Objections to Discovery
livinglies.wordpress.com | August 29, 2017
There is a simple rule to keep in mind. If you win on the discovery requests, you are on your way to a successful conclusion for the homeowner. The 2015 amendment to Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure essentially bars the use of blanket objections.
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Fannie and Freddie Foreclose on Almost 16,000 Homes in May, Almost 4 Million Since 2008
livinglies.wordpress.com | August 8, 2017
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac wrapped up 15,683 foreclosure prevention actions in May, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) May Foreclosure Prevention Report. This brings the total number of foreclosure prevention actions to 3,914,668 since the inception of the conservatorships back in September 2008.
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Wells Fargo has Ripped Off Veterans, Auto Loan Customers and Homeowners: The Feds Do Nothing.
livinglies.wordpress.com | August 8, 2017
New legal challenges are piling up for Wells Fargo as the U.S. banking giant tries to rebuild trust with customers and investors after a scandal over millions of unauthorized accounts.
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Timothy Howard on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: A Pattern of Deception
livinglies.wordpress.com | August 4, 2017
On July 19, Judge Margaret Sweeney unsealed 33 additional documents produced in discovery for the lawsuit brought by the Fairholme Funds in the U.S. Federal Court of Claims. They were made available to the public early last week.
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NJ Supreme Court: If Borrower Abides by Terms of Settlement Agreement, Lender Must Modify Mortgage
livinglies.wordpress.com | August 2, 2017
Lawsuits arising out of foreclosures and mortgage modifications are common. (Even more common than lawsuits about gyms or health clubs if you can believe that.) Nearly every day there is a decision from the Appellate Division arising out of a residential foreclosure. Most of these fall into the same category &8212; borrower defaults and loses home through foreclosure then challenges lender's standing to foreclose after the fact — but some are more interesting.
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6th Circuit: No Waiver of Due Care and Fair Dealing
livinglies.wordpress.com | August 3, 2017
This court has again returned us to the rule of law. You can’t screw up and then blame the victim for the problem or even allow the victim to suffer the damages.
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Trump's Nominee for OCC Post Meets Resistance Due to One West Fraud Settlement
livinglies.wordpress.com | July 31, 2017
"Cold and calculating and not willing to take the tiniest bit of responsibility" is how federal whistleblower Sandra Jolley describes Joseph Otting, President Donald Trump's pick for comptroller of the currency, the nation's chief bank regulator.
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