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December 2017 Article Archive

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Unsecured Student Loans Create No Loss For the Lender
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 18, 2017
In a private student loan a “lender” loans the money. The stories are endless as the “loan officer” encourages the student to increase the amount of the loan to cover books, living expenses and of course, other college expenses like alcohol, car payments and iPhones.
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Illusion of Confusion: Dealing with Unresponsive "Responses" in Discovery
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 18, 2017
The bank playbook is very simple: keep it as complicated as possible. That way the court and even the homeowner will come to rely on what the banks and so-called servicer say about names, places, documents and money. That’s how they sold the initial fraudulent MBS and around 10 million foreclosures.
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Eric Mains: #MeToo- Is Social Justice a Viable Alternative to a Flawed and Compromised Judicial System?
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 11, 2017
In the last few months we have seen a literal wave of the wealthy and influential falling from grace, losing their positions of power and ducking for cover as their conduct becomes scrutinized in media and social media. They have become keenly aware if they have something to hide in their past or present that maybe, just maybe, the specter of justice, fate, retribution…call it what you will, but a reckoning of some sort may finally be coming for them.
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Another Countrywide Sham Goes Down the Drain
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 5, 2017
Banks use several ploys to distract the court, the borrower and the foreclosure defense attorney from the facts. One of them is citing a merger in lieu of presenting documents of transfer of the debt, note or mortgage. We already know that the debt is virtually never transferred because the transferor never had any interest in the debt and thus had no authority to administer the debt (i.e., as servicer).
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