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February 2018 Article Archive

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Royal Bank of Scotland Trained Employees on How to Forge Signatures
livinglies.wordpress.com | February 19, 2018
Fraud for the first time in history has been institutionalized into law. It is foolishness to believe that the banking industry is trustworthy and that they have the right to claim legal presumptions that their fabricated documents, and the forged documents are valid, leaving consumers, borrowers and in particular, homeowners to formulate a defense where the banks are holding all the information necessary to show that the current foreclosing parties are anything but sham conduits.
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TILA RESCISSION — Filling in the Gaps
livinglies.wordpress.com | February 1, 2018
Lawyers for homeowners are probably contributing to the confusion that the banks bring to the table. And Judges, despite the clear evidence in the public domain that the banks committed millions of illegal acts, nevertheless take the word of banks over the word of a homeowner.
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Rescission is not a Claim — No Lawsuit Necessary
livinglies.wordpress.com | February 1, 2018
Rescission is not a claim. Rescission is an event. Either it happened or it didn’t. If the notice was sent, it happened. If the notice wasn’t sent then it didn’t happen.
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