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How to Cancel Secured and Unsecured
Debt Obligations
Through Strategic Litigation

with Chad Elrod, Esq. and Jeff Jackson, Esq.


New York, NY

How to Cancel Secured and Unsecured Debt Obligations

ONLY $99.00



  Chad D. Elrod

South Texas College of Law, J.D. (2008)
The University of Houston, B.S. (2005)

State Bar of Texas (2008)
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas

Professional Affiliations
Houston Young Lawyers Association

Community Activities
Bridge to Eden, Non-Profit (Director)

  Jeffrey C. Jackson


South Texas College of Law, J.D. (2008)
Fifth Best Speaker in the T. Gerald Treece Summer Mock Trial Academy Competition (Summer 2007); Varsity Advocate for the South Texas Mock Trial Litigation Team (Fall 2006, Spring 2007); Seventh Best Speaker in the Leroy Jeffers Intramural Moot Court Competition (Fall 2006); Advocate in the T. Gerald Treece Mock Trial Academy (Summer 2006); Dean’s Honor List (Spring 2006); Phi Delta Phi Highest Grade Award in Legal Research & Writing I (Fall 2005)

The University of Texas at Austin, B.A. (2005)
University’s Honors (Fall 2004); Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

State Bar of Texas (2008)
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas
U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas

Prior Experience
Law Office of Thomas E. Sheffield, Law Clerk (2008)
Texas 1st Court of Appeals, Judicial Intern (Fall 2006)

Professional Affiliations
Texas Exes
Texas Young Lawyers Association

Community Activities
Responsible Urban Development for Houston
Member, University Interscholastic League (UIL)
Official, Houston Chapter of Basketball Officials


Class Schedule

  • The Fundamentals of Securitization
    • What is securitization?
    • History of Mortgage Securitization
    • REMIC Status and Pass-Through Taxation Treatment
    • Bondholder Ownership of Payment Streams
    • Derivative Obligations as Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Securitization as a Primary Cause of Mortgage Crisis of 2008-present.
  • Securitization Process; the Parties and Their Roles
    • Originator, Sponsor, Depositor, REMIC Trustee
    • Pooling and Servicing Agreement
    • Typical chain of transfers required by a PSA
    • Typical recording requirements required by a PSA
    • Other important requirements of a PSA
    • Credit Default Swaps
    • Investor Classes and Traunches
  • Common Indications of a Botched Securitization
    • Problems with the Chain of Title
    • Problems with Indorsements and Allonges
    • Signatures by Persons without Authority
    • Stamped Signatures
    • Improper Notarization Procedure
    • Robo-Signors and outsource doc mills
    • Lost Note Affidavits
    • MERS “vice-presidents” and “assistant secretaries”
  • Importance of Mortgage Securitization Audit
    • Searches for mortgage loan in a MBS Trust
    • Identifies probable Securitization Transaction Parties
    • Includes important sections from the PSA
    • Conducts electronic search of county records for potential bogus assignment documents
    • Conducts Robo-signor analysis and cross-checks with robo-signor database.
  • Defending Foreclosures in NY on the Basis of a Botched Securitization
    • Quiet Title
      • Jurisdiction
      • Limitation
      • Parties
      • Pleading
      • Judgments
      • Answers and Counterclaims
      • Burden of Proof and Trial
    • Assignee's/Transferee's Standing to Foreclose
      • Standing Generally
      • Raising Standing in a foreclosure lawsuit Answer
      • Negotiable Instruments (UCC Art. III)
      • Assignments vs. Transfers
      • Mortgage Assignments (State Law)
      • Prerequisites of an Assignment
      • UCC Art. III Transfers (UCC and State Law)
      • Pre-Requisites of a Transfer
      • Holder Status vs. Holder in Due Course Status
      • “Show me the Note” in NY Law
    • New York Case Studies: Standing to Foreclose and Quiet Title
  • Basics of a Homeowner Workout
    • Reinstatement
    • Bankruptcy
    • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure   
    • Modification
    • Short Sale
  • Future Consumer Law Trends in Unsecured Debt Arena
    • Student Loan Securitization
      • Potential Legal Causes of Action to Gain leverage
      • Potential lawyer/client contract for student loan representation
      • Advent of the Student Loan Securitization Audit
    • Credit Card Securitization
      • Potential Legal Causes of Action to Gain leverage
      • Advent of the Credit Card Securitization Audit



"If you are interested in knowing what is happening to your mortgage or in helping others, this is a course that will insure you know what you are talking about before and after viewing documents."
William K.

"I loved the knowledge I acquired and recommend the course to everyone. The more "we the people" get knowledge the better our odds of beating the banks at their game!"
Dawn D.

Outstanding! Excellent! Demanding! Well organized! Intense! Phenomenal!
Priscilla B.

"Thank you! Andrew, Michael, & Marie. This CFLA Training has been a valuable experience."
Erica W.

"This was a great class and eye opening, especially if your in the foreclosure defense, to defend your clients rights best way possible. Looking forward to take next level course."
Kelvin L.

"If your looking for securitization training you won't find any better."
Michael S.

"It is a life-changing experience—both in knowledge and spirit."
Guido G.

"If you open your mind and listen, they will lead you to the promised land. Very educational and will enhance my business forever."
Corey D.

"Buckle your seats belts, you’re in for a real treat! Your in for the greatest information of the Information Age!!"
Kymosh M.

"If you have but one thing you do to further your education, make it this course. This is something that can be utilized in almost every real estate situation that exist today. What you can do with the information you learn will change lives."
Carlos P.

"This was an outstanding training. If you want to learn Securitization and become and auditor, this is the class for you!"
Craig B.

"This class will change the direction of your life as a professional. It offers a gateway into the world of securitization and inherently valuable navigation tools to uncover the lack of integrity being performed in secondary investor trusts. This class is for anyone, but highly benefits professionals of foreclosure proceedings. Thank you CFLA! Thank "
Michal V.

"My expectations were exceeded. I have been a Real Estate professional since 1993 and have simply followed guidelines established. This course has opened my eyes to all the reasons of 'why'."  
Michael B.

"CFLA is one of the only business entities offering a one-stop shop where an attorney can get education, pleadings, research and practice support in the field of foreclosure defense. The attorney networking opportunities provided by CFLA are very valuable."
Charles C.

"The class was extremely informative. The instructors were exceptional. I will use this information in all my reports, which in turn will help my clients."  Rhonda A.

"Everyone in life has a mission and a purpose. It’s a matter of actually finding out what your purpose is. This class was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I can now do what so many have attempted and failed. Help every and anyone who has the motivation to help themselves to be not only successful in my own mission, but also be able to help others accomplish theirs."
Cecelia M.

"This course was the missing link in putting together all the knowledge I’ve already been accumulating, but was not able to assimilate into a prosecutable document for submission which an attorney can use in litigation. Thanks!" 
Warren G.

"Although I have prior experience of 20 years of Mortgage Banking and Real Estate, this class has given me a comprehensive edge over the average attorney and ultimate foreclosure defense! Thank you for taking me to the top."
Kartika K.

"I came in to this class wanting to do professional, competent, and comprehensive forensic loan audits and that is exactly what this class has done for me! As a mortgage professional looking to sustain myself in this career field, I have found that this class has opened up a wealth of opportunities for me and was easily worth the time and money."
Mark M.

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