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March 2018 Article Archive

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Homeowners Fraudulently Foreclosed by Faux-Lenders were Nothing but Collateral Damage to the Federal Reserve
livinglies | March 8, 2018
Of the number of people who “purchased” a loan product leading up to the mortgage meltdown- most were refi’s on refi’s. At one point it was reported that MERS had data on 80 million mortgages — but that includes mortgages that were paid off by sale, refi etc. At last count the number of people who were displaced by foreclosure or threats of foreclosure is around 17,500,000. You need to remember that while the latest numbers are just under 10 million foreclosures, most of them involve families of one size or another. The complexity of this plan still has people confused about their role as pawns in a giant Ponzi scheme.
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Only a Forensic Examiner Can Determine the Validity of an "Original" Note
livinglies | March 7, 2018
Message of the day to homeowners and their lawyers: “stop admitting things that you assume are true. By admitting those facts you are hanging your client or yourself. Even the client is apt to say “Yes that is my signature on the note” when it has been described by opposing counsel as the original. In most cases the document might look like an original but it isn’t.
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