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California, Florida homeowners: sue mortgage lender, file complaints with Consumer Protection Bureau.

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Protecting your legal rights with litigation could be the easiest method to resolve your troubled home mortgage. California and Florida homeowners who choose to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Bureau or sue their mortgage lender, need to consider the following.

-Does your home loan have a high interest rate, upward adjustment or balloon payment?

-Are you currently stuck with an (ARM), Negative Amortization or Interest Only mortgage?

-Was your home loan offered and/or transferred on a number of occasions?

-Have you ever applied for a financial loan modification or any other assistance, and been denied after you have been given the runaround?

-Have you effectively develop a trial modification, simply to be denied a lasting modification afterward?

-Have you ever had misapplied payments that negatively effected your credit or caused other damages, including property foreclosure?

-Are you currently a victim of a “dual-track” property foreclosure process, in which you were led to believe, by your loan provider, that you were working on a loan modification, and then foreclosed upon?

-Had you been denied through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) while your mortgage was current?

Get relief today. Call us Toll Free at 888-758-2352 or Direct at 310-295-9774 or click here to learn more about the litigation you need to sue your mortgage lender and receive a FREE Mortgage Fraud Analysis.


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