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New York, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico: vacate summary judgment with new evidence—we help.

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How to Vacate an Order of Default Judgment or Summary Judgment—New York, New Jersey, Florida, Oregon and New Mexico

An order issued by a judge is called a default judgment. In essence, the judgment means no question of law was found by the judge and, also, that the uncontested facts of the case were enough to make a decision. The roadblocks to overcoming a summary judgment are much higher than those of a standard judgment. While tate to state procedures vary, the majority of courts will overturn a summary judgment in cases of an oversight. Or, if material omission evidence is discovered.

When someone files a motion to dismiss a judgment, it is similar to filing an appeal on the outcome of a jury trial. If the jury outcome is not fair, and you have a good reason as to why the court should reverse its previous ruling, you should file a motion. Don't be intimidated by challenging a court ruling—it happens all of the time.

Summary Judgment

Pursuant to S.C.O.T.U.S. and other higher court decisions; Judges are precluded from Summary judgment against a pro se litigant.

It is significant to note, that if your adversary enters an affidavit for any reason, you must rebut their affidavit with an affidavit. After that, request the court strike their affidavit unless they have the author of said affidavit testify under oath.

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