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Certified Forensic Loan Auditors Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class is a comprehensive 16-hour online intensive seminar. Students study and learn important topics related to Mortgage Securitization as well as complex analysis of how to obtain recorded documents. Trainees will complete (5) five full Mortgage Securitization Audits under the direct supervision of the Senior Auditor. Also covered are the complexities of form and substance related to Expert Witness Testimony and how to use your portfolio of Education and Experience to Educate Judges and Opposing Counsel on Securitization Issues, Chain of Title, and Robosigning. Graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion having met the CFLA requirements necessary to be accredited as a Mortgage Securitization Analyst.


Ambassador Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class

This is an Advanced Class For Analysts Seeking to Obtain Expert Witness Credentials with a cumulative (40) Hours of Live Instruction.

The Ambassador Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class; Sponsored by Certified Forensic Loan Auditors "CFLA" is a comprehensive training certification program entitled: "AMBASSADOR Mortgage Securitization Analyst "AMSA"; a cumulative 40‐hour online intensive training seminar. This is a professional development 'how-to' training, and does not imply any State or Federal Government affiliation or Government Certification. Nationally Recognized by Courts, Judges, Banks, and Lawyers in 50 States. Instruction is not State Specific. You do not have to be an Attorney to attend this class.


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CFLA is the recognized leader throughout the U.S. as experts in Mortgage Securitization and Training. As founders and creators of this industry, we have long set the bar for expectations of a Auditing Company. Our experienced staff of Certified Auditors, Licensed Attorneys, Officers, and Employees are committed to continue to grow this entire industry and uncover hidden trade secrets to expose Banking Institutions of Predatory Lending, Mortgage Fraud and Securitzaiton Fraud.


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COVID-19 might be the catalyst for expert witness testimony in foreclosure cases
livinglies.me | May 13, 2020
The interesting thing is that the cost of producing an expert witness has just been cut by Coronavirus and COVID 19. Experts can testify via various video mediums that are now appearing in most courtrooms. So what had cost thousands of dollars in travel expense and time expense in travel has been eliminated. And in most cases the time expense for both preparation and appearance at deposition must be paid by the opposing side. Once they do that you might get the judge to accept the video deposition in lieu of live testimony. (No guarantees).
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Tonight! Government Complicity in Wall Street Corruption - How the FDIC Enabled the Chase - WAMU Con Job! + COVID Update 3PM PDT 6PM EDT
livinglies.me | May 7, 2020
Thursdays LIVE! Click in to the WEST COAST Neil Garfield Show with Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo. Or call in at (347) 850-1260, 6pm Eastern Thursdays. This comes back to the fact that we all know we were screwed by the banks in the mortgage meltdown (1996-2008) and that they are still screwing us. Most of us just don't know how they are doing it or what we can do about it.
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The Great Realization: Securitization And Mortgage Backed Securities Are Pure Myth
livinglies.me | May 7, 2020
The Great Realization is that securitization is a myth. A very profitable myth. A myth that resulted in profits that were geometrically higher than any transaction with any homeowner, consumer or borrower. A myth that enabled Wall Street to collect everything from everyone without any accounting for the money.
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CFLA Documents to Support CFLA Story and Documentary taken from Court Docket
cfla.com | May 4, 2020
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New CFPB Rules Will Fail To Protect Consumers From Predatory Lenders
thefinancialclinic.org | April 27, 2020
Yesterday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced its intention to rescind key provisions of the Bureau’s 2017 payday lending rules. These changes mean that payday lenders will once again be allowed to make loans without taking a borrower’s ability to repay them into account. Consider this for a moment: this rule change makes clear that payday lenders are free to offer products that are not only not in a borrower’s best interest, but are specifically meant to extract wealth.
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"We Need Your Help to Fight the CFPB as More Foreclosures Are imminent and They Want to Protect Banks"
cfla.com | April 23, 2020
Hello Loyal Customer of CFLA: Without you CFLA would not be able to serve the thousands of people in the USA Europe and Australia. As you know, we are facing a battle with the CFPB the most dilatory federal agency in existence. They are supposed to be protecting consumers but call them and see if they will help you. No they do not help. CFLA however, has been helping customers since 2007 and maintains an A+_+ rating with the BBB and provides a valuable service.
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Securitization Claims Are a Matter of Facts and Reality, Not Opinion
livinglies.me | April 20, 2020
I am in constant contact with several very supportive readers who, understanding part of the process of securitization, have then launched their own version of what happened. So this article is intended to give those who are interested a peak at reality and facts instead of internet speculation and opinion. If someone hits you over the head with a sledge hammer it is a fact, not an opinion. Not everything is up for discussion when it comes to history.
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If it’s not a loan, then what was it?
livinglies.me | April 17, 2020
As many homeowners are still finding out, they are confronted by a pallet of entities who are constantly rotating as though the mortgage scene was some giant display. Like their lawyers they are completely confused by the difference between their perceptions and reality in which they find themselves.
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Elizabeth Warren and Others Warn That Pandemic is Exposing Underbelly of Corrupt Financial System
lehmandata.com | March 31, 2020
Only people who have studied securitization understand the fact that securitization as practiced creates an existential threat to our society, our laws and the individual hopes and dreams of anyone who is not in on the game.
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Cutting Economic Waste – C.F.P.B $1 Billion Dollars since 2019
lehmandata.com | March 27, 2020
Thus far, according to the above referenced press releases from 2020 the C.F.P.B has already taken more than $331,000,000.99 from the Federal Reserve with no congressional oversight for their expenses in 2020 despite having executed or completed NO enforcement actions, no settlements and no gain at all for consumers or for the entire 2020 Year thus far for the C.F.P.B. ZILCH - NONE. Despite the SEC Collecting more than $1 Billion.
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CFLA Explains Quiet Title Package

CFLA performs tailor-made litigation support for every jurisdiction.
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In 2007, CFLA was founded by the Nation’s Leading Foreclosure Defense Attorneys to serve the Foreclosure Defense Industry and fight pervasive Bank Fraud and Institutional Fraud. CFLA united some of the best minds in the legal and technological fields to make this vision a reality. The result is CFLA—the foremost, nationally recognized legal brand for law firms, attorneys, and small business across the United States. Since opening our virtual doors, CFLA has rapidly expanded to become the premier online legal destination for small businesses and consumers. As the company continues to grow, we continue to hold true to our original vision. For us, putting the law within reach of millions of people is more than just a novel idea—it's our founding principle.

Call us today to obtain samples of work product, including Bloomberg Securitization Audits, Litigation Support, Quiet Title Packages, and to get more information about our Nationally Accredited and Industry Acclaimed Forensic Loan Analyst Training Certification Classes (3 days). The Nation’s Only Certification Training Class for Analyts in this industry!


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